Tulsa Vehicle Auction

Tulsa Impound Vehicle Auction

Your teen has passed their driving test, and you want to give them the best present you can: a car of their own. How do you find them their dream car if buying a brand-new vehicle isn’t in the budget? You can go to an impounded vehicle auction.

When a driver is caught with a traffic violation, law enforcement can impound the vehicle if the driver is deemed unfit to leave the scene in their vehicle. Once impounded, the driver has a couple of options:

  • They can call us, and we will work with the police to have their vehicle returned.
  • They can pay a fee and pick up their vehicles from police impound.

If the driver does neither of these things, then the vehicle will become the property of the police. Eventually, though, the police will need to get rid of some of these vehicles in their possession to make room for others. When this happens, some wrecker companies hold an impounded vehicle auction. At a Tulsa impounded vehicle auction, you have the unique opportunity to purchase an impounded vehicle through Eagle Wrecker & Towing. Tow Service Tulsa>>

Tulsa Impound Auction Tips

Before you contact Eagle Wrecker & Towing to learn when the next impounded vehicle auction is, we want to give you some tips. We want to help you find a vehicle which suits your needs, as well as know how to make the right decisions during the auction. In general, there are three important steps you will want to follow at the impound auction. Wrecker Service Tulsa>>

Step 1: Inspect Any Vehicles Which Catch Your Interest

Be sure to arrive at the auction early so you can register. While you’re there, though, take the time to inspect the vehicles. You want to make sure the impounded vehicle is in acceptable condition before you spend your money on it. Check the body for any dents, inspect the lights and mirrors, and research the vehicle’s market price so you don’t accidentally spend more than the vehicle’s worth. Once you’ve inspected the impounded vehicles, you are ready to bid in the impound auction.

Step 2: How to Bid in a Tulsa Vehicle Auction

Bidding is a simple process. When you see one of the vehicles which interests you, hold up your number to give your bid. Make sure to lift your number up high so the auctioneer sees it, and make sure you have the means to pay for the bid you made. If another bidder outbids you, feel free to hold up your number again to place another bid if you can afford it. Once someone places a bid, and no one is willing to raise it, the auction will conclude. At this point, the person who placed the highest bid will win the vehicle. Tow truck Tulsa>>

Step 3: Fill Out Necessary Paperwork

Once you win the vehicle from the auction, you will need to fill out some paperwork to claim the vehicle. Eagle Wrecker & Towing does its best to make sure this process is secure and simple to follow so you can be on your way quickly. After the paperwork is taken care of and you make your payment, you’re done. Enjoy your vehicle. Tulsa SEO Services>>


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