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It is impossible to control when your vehicle breaks down. It can happen when you are least expecting it. No matter where it happens, on the road side, in the parking lot, or even in your own driveway, you will need the help of a tow truck to bring it to an automotive repair shop. Fortunately, three are numerous varieties of tow trucks which can be used for your specific needs. All of them have their own advantages depending on the situation. First, though, you will need to figure out which one of these tow trucks is right for you. Tow Services Tulsa>>

Flatbed Tow Truck

The most commonly used tow trucks in the world are, without a doubt, flatbed tow trucks. As the name implies, a flatbed tow truck is a tow truck with a long, flat top bed. Using hydraulics, the truck drivers can move the flatbed up, or move it down. This allows for an easy retrieval process; once lined up with your vehicle, your vehicle can be pulled up into the flatbed. This makes them ideal for transporting vehicles which are experiencing roadside problems or have been in an accident. In addition, they are among the safest tow vehicles to use for transport, and can carry everything from cars, to trucks, to boats. Towing Broken Arrow OK>>

Hook and Chain Tow Truck and Boom Tow Truck

For any kind of cargo, hook and chain tow trucks are the way to go. While this is what many people think of when they picture tow trucks, this kind of tow truck is no longer as common as it once was. The chain mechanism, unfortunately, could potentially damage the vehicle. This is not to say it is never used anymore, but often it is only used for transporting wrecked vehicles to junkyards. There is another option available, however, known as the boom tow truck. Boom tow trucks are equipped with a boom winch (a device similar to a crane), making them ideal for removing a vehicle from perilous off-road locations and back onto the road.

Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

The wheel-life tow truck evolved from the hook and chain tow truck, but instead of chains, they are equipped with a hydraulic metal yoke. This metal yoke can be inserted underneath the vehicle, usually under the front wheels or the rear wheels. The hydraulic system can then be used to lift the vehicle off of the ground and remove it from its location. While these tow trucks are not quite as safe for your vehicle as a flatbed is, they are still a good option, and are often inexpensive.

Self Loader Tow Truck

Self loader tow trucks (or integrated tow trucks) are designed for heavy-duty jobs. They are effectively a wheel-lift tow truck combined with a boom tow truck. These can transport larger vehicles, such as buses, or to remove illegally parked vehicles.  With extra axles, they have increased strength compared to other tow trucks.

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