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Eagle Wrecker & Towing is proud to serve Tulsa and the greater Tulsa area for all their Tulsa towing needs. We believe in providing only the highest-quality of service for our customers, and work to get them wherever they need to go. Eagle Wrecker & Towing is your Tulsa tow truck service. Tow truck Tulsa>>

We can help you with all of your needs, including:

Tow Truck Service in Tulsa​

When your vehicle needs a tow, our team of expert tow truck drivers ready to help all day and any day of the week. With our experience we will get the job done. Our tow truck drivers will show up prepared, and can tow your vehicle safely and quickly. Wherever you need us to go, we are ready for the most challenging jobs.

Tulsa Emergency Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, your vehicle will suffer from mechanical failure. When it happens, Eagle Wrecker & Towing can provide emergency roadside assistance. We will diagnose the problem, and have our technicians return the vehicle to working order. You won’t need to worry about being stranded ever again.

Tulsa Vehicle Unlock/Lockout Service

Accidents happen. If you lock yourself out of your vehicle, we have a vehicle unlock/lockout service available. Our technicians can get you back into your vehicle as soon as possible.

Tulsa Jump-Start Service

When your car battery dies, a quick jumpstart can have your vehicle out on the road again. Our technicians will drive out to give you a jump, so you can go about your business.

Tulsa Fuel Delivery

If you run out of gas and there’s no gas station in sight, you don’t need to walk for miles in hope of finding a gas station. Eagle Wrecker & Towing can provide fuel delivery.

Tulsa Winching/Winch-Out Service

In the event your vehicle is stuck, we can provide a winching service and extricate it.

Tulsa Commercial Tow Service

Our tow trucks can handle a job, no matter the size. If you own any heavy machinery or equipment, we provide a commercial towing option, too.

Tulsa Impound

If you vehicle is impounded, we will work with the police to return your vehicle to you.

Tulsa Car Transport Service

We don’t just tow vehicles, we transport them too. Even if the drive is long, our tow trucks can transport a vehicle wherever it needs to go.

Tulsa Tire Change

All it takes is a stray bit of metal on the road, and your tire can blow out. Fortunately, if you ever find yourself in this situation, we are happy to come out and change your tire for you. We use only the best companies in the Tulsa area.

Tulsa Container Transport

If you have shipping containers you need transported, Eagle Wrecker & Towing trucks can transport them.

… And So Much More

If you are a traveler or a Tulsa resident, just going to work or on a road trip, Eagle Wrecker & Towing is committed 24-hours-a-day to helping you get back on the road! Looking for a web developer in Tulsa>>

Auto Clubs and Insurance

Not only do we work with insurance providers, we also work with the largest Auto Clubs in the United States, from USAA, to AARP, to AutoVantage. When it comes to payment, we will happily take credit cards, cash, and insurance. Towing service Tulsa>>


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