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Tulsa AAA Towing Service

For over a hundred years, the American Automobile Association has been standing up for American drivers. This non-profit association is made up of over forty regional AAA motor clubs, and provides roadside assistance to thousands of people. Throughout their proud history, AAA has worked by themselves and with others to help create safer roads for everyone. Any company in association with AAA is a company you can trust.

AAA History

At the beginning of the last century, horses outnumbered automobiles by the millions. This, however, did not stop automobile drivers from forming motor clubs. One day nine motor clubs banded together in Chicago, and founded a larger association made up of automobile enthusiasts. This larger group was known as the American Automobile Association.

One of the first causes AAA took up was road improvement. Since horse and buggy was still the main mode of transportation, most roads were little more than dirt paths, since the horses could traverse over these easily enough. The roads, however, were not very well suited towards motorists. So, AAA lead the fight for making roads safe for automobile drivers, too. By 1916, the association was victorious when the new implementation of federally aided highways began. Now, automobile drivers could drive safely along America’s roads.

In addition to this, much like today, breakdowns were a problem for the drivers of the previous century. In 1915, AAA pioneered the first ever service to provide roadside assistance to stranded drivers. To this day, members of AAA highly value this service, and it is easily AAA’s most appreciated feature.

By 1920, AAA fought for another noble cause: the protection of children from traffic. The association sponsored the School Safety Program, and, not long after it was implemented, it grew into a nationwide program. Furthermore, AAA dedicated itself to providing traffic safety education, and even established a driver’s education program for high school students. The books AAA published soon became the most used books in the field of driving safety.

For decades, AAA has fought drunk driving, and created programs to educate drivers on the dangers of drinking and driving. Through this, they have brought safety and education to thousands of communities.

Since their establishment over a century ago, AAA has protected and advocated for motorists, and today that tradition lives on. From supporting more efficient roads, to educating drivers of traffic dangers, AAA continues to uphold the standards set by their founders.

AAA Roadside Assistance

Since AAA was the first roadside assistance service available, it makes sense that they have continued to help drivers when their vehicles break down. AAA clubs partner with local towing services to provide them with the best tools for the job, so the towing companies can be quick and efficient in helping people with a variety of problems, including:

  • Fuel Delivery
  • Jump starts
  • Towing
  • Vehicle Lockouts

… And many more.

Eagle Wrecker & Towing, just like AAA, is there for stranded motorists. If you need a Tulsa wrecker near you, contact Eagle Wrecker & Towing.


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